Market Research and Product Development
The other mandate is to develop appropriate market research and product development strategies for the coffee industry. The Directorate through the Market Research and Product Development Department is tasked to carry out regular market research in a bid to explore new coffee markets for Kenyan coffee and also gather and disseminate   market intelligence information to various stakeholders as well as new uses of Coffee Kenya in the broad function of product development and product branding
The specific function Market Research and Product Development Department include:-

  1. Implementing trade, marketing and promotion programs  for Kenyan coffee in the local and international markets
  2. Liaise with the coffee industry stakeholders, Kenya mission abroad, agriculture trade organizations and association on coffee and promotion matters
  3. Monitor coffee imports, exports and domestic sales activities
  4. Enhance the export readiness of stakeholders with focus on SME’s
  5. Enhance visibility of Kenyan coffee through branding
  6. Facilitate value addition and Product Development through branding