• Capacity building of Counties to enhance their technical Capabilities- in order to equip the officers with information that will help them discharge their duties effectively as front line extension officers and be able to adopt innovations in crop husbandry, agro-processing and marketing
  • Support and Promote productivity, expansion and quality under the Integrated Coffee Productivity Initiatives for improved processing of cherry, parchment handling, storage and transportation to mills through support with high quality seedlings with intention of encouraging reciprocation by counties for sustainability of the initiative.
  • Undertaking Transfer of New Technologies and Innovations to Sector players at factories where most of the small scale farmer can get technical information on better crop management for improved income.
  • Strengthening Research and Extension Services-department acts as a liaison between the farmers and research-disseminating information in a simplified manner to grower for easy adoption.
  • Collect, collate, store and disseminate analyzed data- to stakeholders to facilitate   Research, planning and Market Intelligence-.
  • Promoting coffee excellence in quality and management through Conducting Coffee Grower Excellence Recognition Awards.
  • Carrying out capacity needs assessment of agricultural extension providers
  • Developing Guidelines for Conducting Annual Coffee Cupping Examinations and Awarding of Certificates.
  • Carrying out Coffee Barrister Championships in the Country.
  • Conducting Cupping and Trainings at the Regional Cupping Centers.
  • Conducting Quality Surveillance in Retail Outlets.
  • Conducting Periodical Product Analysis Across the Value Chain to check on Compliance to Quality Standards aspects.
  • Analyzing, Profiling and Archiving oF Coffee Samples.
  • Participation in ASK Shows, Trade Fairs and Exhibitions to disseminate information to stakeholders on best agricultural practices and innovations.
  • Monitoring of the Implementation of Technical Activities in the Field as a quality assurance of promised services as per the service charter.

 The Crops (Coffee)(General) Regulations 2019

Initially, the department licensed under the Coffee General Rules, 2002. However, on 1st July,2019 the new Crops ((Coffee)(General) Regulations 2019 were gazetted and thus revoked the Coffee General Regulations 2002. These regulations introduced new licenses while abolishing others. Besides the Coffee Directorate, other licensing authorities were introduced namely the County governments and the Capital Markets Authority (CMA). This therefore left the department with fewer licenses to issue as follows:-

Licenses issued by the R&C Department


License name



Coffee buyers license

See attached



See attached


Processed Coffee import permit

See attached


Independent Cupping Centre

See attached


Liquorer’s practicing   licence fees

See attached