The department plays a central role in the regulatory function of the Board. It is charged with the responsibility of overseeing the operations of industry players across the entire supply chain.

Functions of the department

The following functions are undertaken by the department

  • Registration and licensing of players along the supply chain. Under the Coffee Act No.9 of 2001 and it’s section 18 amendment under Finance Act of 2009, the Board issues five licenses. The licenses are valid for one year and expire on 30 th June of every year. The department spearheads the licensing process for new applicants as well as the license renewals and monitoring of the same.
  • Advisory Services – The department organizes and participates at growers’ and other stakeholders’ educational fora to sensitize growers/stakeholders on: Good Agricultural Practices(GAP), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Policy and legal reforms/changes, Coffee quality and marketing issues, Business orientation, Technology adoption.
  • Inspection of licensed stakeholders to ensure compliance with set regulations and minimum standards.
  • The department carries out regular inspection on pulping stations, nurseries, trade premises such as dealers, Millers, Marketing Agents, Roasters and Warehousemen to compliance with industry operational standards.
  • Inspection is also done for integrity of our system and quality of Kenya coffee locally and internationally.
  • Participation in formulation of industry legal framework and policies.
  • Surveillance and enforcement of the standards and regulation that governs the coffee industry. The department maintains surveillance on the industry in order to prevent, spot and curtail business malpractices.
  • Monitoring disease and insect pests outbreaks or any other imminent problem with a view to forewarning the Board and the stakeholders.
  • Carrying out and preparing crop estimates on monthly/quarterly/yearly basis for the sector.
  • Advising on coffee movement control.
  • Maintaining close liaison with Coffee Research Foundation and other researchers on relevant development in research and identify researchable areas.

The department in collaboration with other departments participates in the process of licensing of industry players. The following five categories of licenses are issued;

  • A Marketing Agent’s License
  • A Coffee Miller’s License
  • A Pulping Station License
  • A Warehouseman’ S License
  • A Coffee Dealer’s License